Bahçede Sinek Kafe is a place that makes it possible for us to share our taste and life style with others. For some it is a difficult place to reach, for others it is too small

and has a limited offer of food 

but for others............

Christine Manfield, Sydney
Must visit restaurant:
I would be equally delighted to eat at Bahcede Sinek Kafe -- a small, very local place on Buyukada Island, part of the Princes' Islands group in the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul -- run by two sisters, with fabulous, fresh food. Its chic simplicity is a total winner.

/Quote from the article “Top chefs forecast trends in the restaurant world” by Michelle Rowe published on 22th of October 2011 in the Australian/

Fem Güçlütürk, Istanbul
And there is also Bahçede Sinek Kafe in Buyukada, a place too good to be true.
/Quote from the article “Buyukada or Sedefadasi? A Characterization of the Islands” by Fem Güçlütürk published on 25th of July 2009 in the Turkish newspaper Radikal/

Ferhan İstanbullu, Istanbul
Reading the magazines seated in Sinek Kafe, in the most beautiful district on the Island... (Please write down and don’t forget the name of this cafe. The only place with a contemporary architecture on an island full of slightly moulding places. It overlooks the sea and its small and substantial menue is not at all confusing.)
/Quote from the article “This Season on the Island” by Ferhan İstanbullu published on 28th of April 2010 in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet/

If you are interested, we are open from Thursday to Monday during summer and during spring only at good weather conditions from Friday to Monday.